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Launching BLH-DOM Integrity Solutions US, LLC


One small step for BLH-DOM but a giant leap for Safety”
BLH-DOM Integrity Solutions AS is proud to Announce Expansion into the North Americas with Launch of our newest joint venture; BLH-DOM Integrity Solutions US, LLC. The four partners concluded all formalities and contracts on the 14th day of August 2014.

US Contract Photo
Susan Travis, Tamara Juckett and Harald Myklebust


“Houston, we have a solution! BLH Stop Drop™ Barricading
Based in Houston TX we are located in the heart of the US oil & gas industry. BLH-DOM Integrity Solutions US, LLC will provide Global Solutions with Local Presence throughout the United States and Gulf of Mexico.


Residing more than 4 000 production platforms, drilling rigs, refineries and Power Plants, we are confident that Houston TX is the right location for servicing these core industries and markets for BLH Stop Drop™ Barricading and Guarding systems.


We are looking forward to a safe venture bringing Dropped Object Prevention to the next level, together with the US team.


BLH-DOM Integrity Solutions US, LLC,
P.O. Box 967, Sugar Land TX 77487, USA

Managing Director, Susan Travis
E: Susan@blh-dom-us.com
Phone: +1 281-240-6587


BLH-DOM US Sales Director Tamara Juckett
Sales Director, Tamara Juckett
E: Tamara@blh-dom-us.com