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Testimonial – Bergen Group Hanøytangen – Rigservice

Bergen Group Hanøytangen is accommodating large offshore projects and successful…

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BLH Stop Drop™ Barricading under the Northern Lights at Statoil LNG Hammerfest

We are proud to announce that Statoil ASA is bringing…

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Solving Conductivity Issues for the Rail Industry

After two years of searching for a suitable solution to…

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100+ HSE Professionals recommending BLH Stop Drop Barricading

HSE Professionals recommending BLH Stop Drop™ Barricading on LinkedIn.  See…

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BLH hits the aviation industry

Qantas has invested $30 million into the upgrade of its…

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Product recommendation – Outage Manager at Paloona Power Station

Mathew Hodgetts is Outage Manager for the refurbishment of Hydro…

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