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Testimonial – Bergen Group Hanøytangen – Rigservice

Bergen Group Hanøytangen is accommodating large offshore projects and successful coordination of simultaneously executed projects, sets a clear requirement for the Highest Standards of Safety.


Bergen Group Hanøytangen - Rigservice


I am very familiar with BLH Stop Drop™ Barricading, consequently it was a natural choice for Bergen Group Rigservice to integrate this unique Stop Drop™ Barricading system as Best Practice. BLH Stop Drop Barricading is an established standard Safety Measure specification for all our rig services.


Cost-Benefit analysing concludes; Benefits of installing BLH Stop Drop Barricading supersedes the cost.


The simplicity and flexibility of this barricading system provides Major Cost Saving and Safety Improvement. BLH Stop Drop Barricading effectively reduces the risk of dropped objects, a major hazard in our industry.


Since implementing BLH Stop Drop Barricading in our Safety Specifications for Rig Services, we have ZERO dropped objects in the secured areas.


I highly recommend BLH Stop Drop™ Barricading to increase personnel’s safety by reducing the risk of dropped objects.


Med vennlig hilsen/  Kind regards

Bjørghild Skogerbø

Direktør Riggservice/VP Riggservice ···············································································································
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