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BLH Stop Drop™ Safety Barricading is thoroughly tested by external parties to ensure our products meet the required standards. Our third party testing means you can rely on the quality of our unique Safety Barricading.

UV Stabilised
Using a UV Weatherometer, BLH Safety Solution’s™ products were tested for 1000 hours in accelerated weather conditions equivalent to 2 years of outdoor weather exposure. BLH Safety Solution’s™ advanced polymer formula is well suited to harsh outdoor environments. You can be certain that our products will stand the test of time.


UV Exposed Time(T) Mesh Tensile Strength(S) %in reduction of Tensile Strength(R)
without UV exposure 2298N
after 2 years 2290N 0.35%
after 5 years 2278N 0.87%
after 10 years 2258N 1.76%
after 15 years 2237N 2.65%

BLH Stop Drop Barricading Mesh Panel System shows a change in tensile strength of 0.35% when it is tested for exposure of 2 years equivalent UV. On the basis of 2years  % reduction, Mesh Tensile Strength has been calculated for 5,10,15 years using the corresponding compound percentage reduction formula
                            R    =    [(1.0035)T/2 – 1] x 100%
S    =    2298 (1 – R)

Chemical Resistance
BLH Safety Solution’s™ advanced polymer composition has been externally tested and certified as chemical resistant. Each component was subjected to immersion in both Sulphuric Acid and Shellsol Kerosene for 200 hours, and exhibited less than 0.025% change in mass. BLH Products won’t rust, and they are not affected by processing water with high salinity or marine environments.

Fire Information
BLH Stop Drop™ Safety Barricading has been tested in accordance with AS1530.2 and AS1530.3, resulting in the following parameters:

Description Celsius Measurement Fahrenheit Measurement
Softening Point 75 degrees 167 degrees
Melting Point 165 degrees 329 degrees
Flash Ignition Point 230 degrees 446 degrees
Self Ignition Point 286 degrees 546 degrees

Wind Tunnel Testing
The BLH STOP DROP™ SAFETY BARRICADING SYSTEM has undergone rigourous external wind tunnel testing to measure drag and Cfig (aerodynamic shape factor) values of the barrier attached to a standard handrail system, as well as the strength of the panel connection clips and force exerted on the platform to which they are attached in wind conditions between 0 and 50 m/s (180 km/h). This will test the product for wind loading and suitability for use on structures.
BLH SAFETY SOLUTIONS™ worked closely with BMT WBM and Monash University, Melbourne, to test the wind loading of the BLH STOP DROP™ SAFETY BARRICADING SYSTEM. Through this testing it was shown that the BLH STOP DROP™ SAFETY BARRICADING SYSTEM complies to AS1170.2, and is able to withstand 1.8kPa of pressure, which translates to 180 kph winds / 110 mph winds.

Cfig for the mesh is determined based on reference area Az (the area enclosed by the external dimensions of the mesh panel).
 Az for wind normal to the mesh = 0.841m2 (0.995m x 0.845m single Mesh Panel size)
Based on the test data obtained the aerodynamic shape factor for the Mesh Panel only is:
Cfig, for wind direction normal to the panel is Cfig = 0.36
Based on test data obtained the aerodynamic shape factor for the Standard Metreage Assembly (which includes a Mesh Panel and Vertical Joiner, attached to a handrail with Standard Clip Assemblies) is: Cfig for wind direction normal to the Standard Metreage Assembly is Cfig = 0.46
The BLH STOP DROP™ SAFETY BARRICADING SYSTEM has minimal impact on structural wind loading and low impacts on structural integrity.

The following video shows 3 panels of Stop Drop™ Barricading installed on a test rig of Australian Standard hand railing in 180km per hour wind. The platform rotates 360 degrees to test the barricading from all sides.

You shall observe, despite the high wind, there is little more than mild deflection of the barricading. You will note that the tamper proofing security pins have been left out of some of the clips on the second and third panel.  This shows that the strength of our Stop Drop Barricading comes from the clips and not the tamper proofing security pins.

Impact Testing

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