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In order to prevent dropped objects from slipping through the large gaps in steel grating commonly used as walkway flooring and to prevent slips, trips and falls, BLH Safety Solutions™ offer several floor matting solutions for dropped object prevention.

Prevent dropped objects accidents with Mat

When working at heights, dropped tools can pose a significant safety hazard. This is especially important when working on elevated work areas. Dropped objects are a common contributor to accidents in industrial facilities.

Prevent Drops Prevention Mat significantly reduces the risk of dropped objects. It is cost effective drop safety tool.

Prevent Drops’s “Dropped Objects Prevention Mat is a cost effective drop safety tool, that is made in Germany, and efficiently protect and prevent personnel from dropped objects accident in the worksite. The guard rail/net is made out of flame retardant coated polyester fabric with a reinforced hem provided all around, secured with lashing ratchets and come with a life span of 2 years.

Tubular PVC Matting

BLH offers tubular PVC Matting that is slip resistant as well as being resistant to oils, grease, acids and alkalis. You can be sure that your workers will be safe from slips, trips and falls as well as dropped objects when you install tubular floor matting.

Available in a range of colours and thicknesses, this matting is flexible and lightweight. Flooring is an integral component of a dropped object prevention system, as it can prevent objects from slipping through gaps in walkways and falling to lower levels.

Designed for harsh conditions, this PVC flooring can withstand temperatures within a range of -10C to 100C and is self extinguishing on removal of flame.

The flooring is easy to work with and can be cut to size to fit any application by using shears or a knife. The rolls are easily joined by the use of joining clips.

While BLH Safety Solutions™ utilises this PVC matting for dropped object prevention, it can also be used in a range of different areas to prevent slips, trips and falls. Areas such as showers, change rooms, washrooms, laboratorys, walkways, mess areas and workshops are ideal locations for this durable flooring.

The PVC tubular design of the flooring is anti-fatigue, as well as being hygenic and mould resistant.

SupaGrippa Matting

SFY-PHO-Flooring (61)

A hard-wearing, heavy duty floor matting solution, SupaGrippa Matting is a non-porous PVC matting designed for use in wet and slippery conditions. It also makes great dropped object prevention and protects your flooring or walkways from damage.

Impervious to oils, alkalis and acids, this matting is great for increasing traction in wet and slippery areas. Available in a range of colours, SupaGrippa matting is suitable for wet areas, mess halls, workshops, laboratorys, walkways and offices, as well as many other applications.

Designed for harsh conditions, this PVC flooring can withstand temperatures within a range of -10C to 100C, and is self extinguishing on removal of flame.


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